We conducted our study in Kwanza Sul, a province of almost 1.8 million inhabitants and one of the poorest among the 18 provinces of Angola.  In a recent report by the National Statistics Office and UNICEF, based on survey data collected in 2016, the headcount of deprivation in education for children 5-11 years of age is 62.9 percent, only higher than in two other provinces of Angola. 

Geographic location sample schools

Location Sumbe, capital of Kwanza Sul province

Within the province of Kwanza Sul, we involved 126 primary schools, distributed across nine municipalities.  Most of these schools were either constructed by FAS or received another type of support through FAS. The 126 schools were randomly allocated across the three treatment groups and one control group. The T1: Information treatment is a highly intensive information campaign through household visits. In the T2: Meetings treatment parents’ meetings are facilitated without providing any exogenous information. Finally the T3: Combined treatment includes all activities from both T1 and T2. All interventions consisted out of 8 rounds, during a period of 13 months. 

Project timeline

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