Fundo de Apoio Social

Santinho Figueira

Director Geral FAS

Alexandre Luis Domingos

Director FAS Kwanza Sul

Carolina Aguiar

FAS Kwanza Sul

André da Costa

FAS Kwanza Sul

Julia Zau

FAS Kwanza Sul

Principal investigators

Vincenzo Di Maro

DIME, The World Bank

Stefan Leeffers

​Nova School of Business and Economics

Danila Serra

Texas A&M University 

Pedro C. Vicente

Nova School of Business and Economics

Field coordinators

Field teams

We are most grateful to our many outstanding supervisors, enumerators and lab coordinators. 

Miguel Lino Ferreira

Timothy Brennan

Joana Cardim

Bruno Spellanzon

Frederica Mendonça

Ornella Dellacio

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