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Welcome! Here you can find more information about our research project, have a look at the materials and download the working papers. In this project, we follow the implementation of a community-based monitoring intervention in randomly selected primary schools in Angola. The first component we analyse is an information campaign using score cards comparing the performance of the local school relative to other schools in the area, as well as a comic with detailed information on the importance of participating in kids' education. The second component includes parents' meetings and the facilitation of discussions about school related issues raised by parents.

The study was conducted in Kwanza Sul, a province of almost 1.8 million inhabitants and one of the poorest among the 18 provinces of Angola. The World Bank has been active in Kwanza Sul since the 1990s through the funding of FAS (Fundo de Apoio Social), a governmental institution with a countrywide reach. FAS has historically promoted school construction, especially in Kwanza Sul, and infrastructural improvements. More recently, FAS has turned to identifying and implementing strategies aimed at increasing the quality of primary education in Angola. The interventions we study belong to this umbrella of work; they were sponsored by FAS and conducted in 126 primary schools.

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